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We love digging in the dirt and growing our own healthy and flavorful fruits and vegetables. We love gardening & think you will too.

After years of gardening, growing, planning, learning, and experimenting, we know first hand that there is nothing like a successful, beautiful and bountiful garden. However, we also know that planning a garden and timing the starting of seeds and planting seedlings out in a garden can be tricky and complicated. Knowing your garden location's frost dates is key, but also important is knowing and calculating the dates to start particular planting tasks both before and after your area frost dates. There's a lot to figure out & schedule when planting a garden!

Successful gardens require planning.

Most online resources meant to help you determine seed starting and planting dates are old fashioned, printable "pen and paper" blank worksheets that require you to first locate or somehow figure out your frost dates and then manually count and calculate weeks before and after frosts for each type of plant you would like to grow and how you would like to grow them. Manually calculating your planting dates like this is time consuming and can be confusing and prone to (human) error.

We thought there had to be a better & easier way to create a customized garden planting calendar, so we made one!

We consolidated our years of gardening research, knowledge, and know-how and created - an interactive, digital, garden planting calendar creation system. With, there are:

Our garden planting calendar can save you time and help you be better prepared for creating a successful garden.

With, everything you need to create your own customized garden planting calendar is programmed for you so you can spend less time planning and more time growing. Whether you are a new or advanced gardener, our garden planting calendar system can help you plan and create a more successful and fruitful garden.

We wish you many wonderful and bountiful harvests!

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